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Wedding photography - Making The Right Choice for Wedding Flowers.

April 22, 2012 Business Services

Who of you can imagine a wedding without wedding flowers? They are key to making your wedding day more special than any other day in your life ever will. The last thing you need is to make the wrong selection in your choice of flowers.
Just like your wedding will have special meaning to you, so will the very colors of your flowers either make it or break it. Imagine how could you and your future partner will look on your wedding photographs.
The right choice of flowers to suit your personality and that of your groom incorporates a special meaning. Wouldn’t you want to look at your wedding photographs one day and give it your stamp of approval knowing that your wedding flowers were the right choice after all.
Wedding Flowers – Questions That Need Answering
As the bride you may have a good couple of questions about wedding flowers that you are stressed about as you want your day to be perfect in every way. It is important to know the answers as it forms a big part of your to do list. What kind of questions would come up in a bride’s mind?
Questions like;
How will I know what type of flowers will be right for my special day?
How much deposit do I need to give to my florist and how do I make sure the invoice does not come as a surprise to me?
How far ahead to I need to book my florist?
Would the groom’s boutonniere need to be different from the other men, and would the fathers of both the bride and bridegroom need to wear something different that the other men?
What would last longer on my wedding day, a bouquet in a holder or a hand-tied bouquet?
I am not sure if the dress color for the flower girls must match the bride’s dress or the attendants dresses, what do I do?
Would the mothers of the wedding couple corsages be different to other women’s?
How big a budget would we need for all my wedding flowers?
How do I make sure the bouquet I am holding is held the right way for my wedding photograph? Maybe my photographer will know.
What kind of flowers will look better on my wedding photo?
Would my Wedding photographer be able to give me some pointers with regards to my wedding flowers?
Things You Will Need
Your list can be very long, if you think of what is all needed for your flower arrangements. We will just list a few down below to give you an idea:
Bridal party – Maid of honor’s bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet, flower girls bouquets, bride’s bouquet, flowers for hair accessories, corsages for special guests, grandmothers, and much more…
Flowers for Wedding Ceremony – Guest signing book table, chair Markers, Signing of Marriage Certificate Table, flower petals and more…
Flowers for Reception – Cake decorations, bar decorations, bathroom arrangements, buffet table arrangements, head table for bride & groom and family and more…
While it is hard to imagine a wedding without flowers, it is even harder to be without a good wedding photographer that will have your smile of approval when you show your photos to friends and family.

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