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Wedding Photographers look on planning your first wedding dance.

April 22, 2012 Business Services

A wedding is an important occasion. For many people, it’s the most important day of their lives, and planning everything so you get the perfect wedding is very important. Certainly, the ceremony is the key, and a lot of time and effort is spent on making sure it goes exactly the way you want it to go, but then the party also takes center stage and you spend a lot of time there. During your wedding party, the dance is always key to bring everybody together, and is a wonderful photography moment that you will keep fond memories of for the rest of your life. So planning your wedding dance is important, and here’s a few tips so that you get the perfect dance.
Have you ever watched wedding photos from someone else’s wedding, and noticed how many of those shots were taken during the party? In fact, you may well notice them being taken right during the dance. Did the people getting married, or even the guests, look professional in those shots, or did they look like they were mostly goofing off? You may not realize it at first, but a dance is typically where people let loose, and when the carefully planned wedding can start going wrong. This is why planning that dance is important. This planning starts with the music and songs that will be playing. Everyone wants their wedding to have a certain style. Some go for traditional, others want a laid back weddings, while others use medieval costumes and locations. As such, the music should reflect that. You wouldn’t want rock and roll, or party music, if you want a classical wedding. Also, remember that the dance is a perfect photography time. If you hired a wedding photographer, does he know what type of dancing will occur?
Your wedding dance doesn’t have to be fully choreographed, but you should at least have an order in which people will dance. Typically, the couple getting married will dance the first song alone with everyone else watching. This is a key point during the party, and as such it’s important to make sure the song that will be playing first is appropriate. It’s also when photos are typically taken the most. Then, everyone else joins in. Here, there’s many ways to handle this situation. Some people have an actual dancing room, where they have a wooden floor with nothing in the center. If you don’t, then you could use a normal room with tables and chairs for the party, and then move those out of the way for dancing. If you go this route, it’s usually best to be somewhere staff can help you with this process, otherwise this could impede the wedding party.
Overall, your wedding dance should be planned for several reasons. You want the dance music to be right, you want the right people to dance at the right time, and you want the photographs to be taken to look good. All of these elements should be thought about beforehand, and that’s how you’ll have a memorable wedding.

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