The Burdock Ceilidh Band

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The Burdock Band are a Traditional Celtic Folk Music band specializing in Ceilidh, Barn Dance and Scottish Traditional Music. We not only execute the more common Irish and Scottish traditional music sets but also perform a significant range of folk music from all around the world, including all of the British Isles, France, USA and beyond! The band on its own comprises of expert musicians with experiences in folk, classical and rock, providing an extensive playlist to pick from that will suit all newbies to Ceilidh music. Not only that but if you would like to involve a Ceilidh or Barn dance into your social event, our expert caller will encourage your visitors onto the dance floor for lots of entertainment and laughter, guaranteeing an event that will be remembered for the ages.

As we are established in South Birmingham, we cover all of the Midlands, UK and outside up to two hours travel. We have a variety of band sizes for every single occasion and this depends on both the type of celebration and the location. We play two sets of in between 45 to 90 minutes with a short break in between. You can find a lot of useful guides on our web page in which you can find out more about preparing a ceilidh or barn dance for your upcoming activity, be it a wedding event, corporate entertainment or a social event. We also have a calendar with our available dates.