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Scot Accident Claims

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Scot Accident Claims is Scotland’s primary accident claims firm. Our team of personal injury specialists are on hand today to assist you make a claim. At Scot Accident Claims we offer an initial complimentary phone consultation. You will talk to one of our extremely experienced solicitors who will listen to your story and understand the series of events which have initiated your interest in making a claim. We make sure to collect all the facts before we give you a compensation estimation. Depending upon your personal situation we take in a variety of factors, consisting of loss of earnings, severity of injuries and medical treatment. Often you can get settlement without going through the court process, our team of solicitors often attempts to negotiate a settlement with the defending party. The defending party is the person or organisation that is accountable for your injuries or suffering. Scot Accident Claims is a professional personal injury firm with a succeeding record and we have a reputation for going above and beyond our clients expectations.

Our Accident Claims Services

Accident At Work Claims- If you have suffered an injury or suffered health implications on the job due to your employers negligence, a work college or another form of third party you may have the right to make a claim. Your employer has an obligation to make sure you are safe at work, you must be given with the essential training and equipment to keep yourself safe. If your employer has not provided you with the correct training and a safe working environment, then Scot Accident Claims can help you make a claim.

Medical Negligence- Unfortunately medical procedures can go wrong and medical practitioners make mistakes. If you have went through a procedure, operation, treatment or been misdiagnosed then you may have the right to make a claim. Our professional team of medical negligence solicitors are well versed with all kinds of medical negligence claims including but not limited to.

– cancer claims
– cosmetic surgery
– gp doctor negligence
– birth injuries
– accident emergency claims

Any form of medical malpractice is unacceptable and our team of medical negligence professionals are on hand to assist you make a claim today.

Accident Abroad Claims- There is nothing more ideal than enjoying a well-deserved holiday in the sun. Unfortunately, accidents abroad and while on holiday can spoil one’s vacations. Your tour operator has a duty to ensure you are safe. Tour operators have a right to make sure your accommodation, transfers and excursions are safe. If they have failed on your behalf you have the right to make a claim. Accident abroad claims can include food poisoning, slips, balcony falls and a lot more.

Industrial Disease Claims- Unluckily industrial disease claims are still commonplace. If you are working in a polluted or noisy working environment and contracted an illness due to your employers negligence then you have the right to make a claim. Our staff of experienced industrial disease solicitors have taken care of many different kinds of industrial disease claims including

– Industrial deafness
– Asbestos.
– Skin conditions such as dermatitis.
– Repetitive strain injuries.

Road Traffic Claims- Our team of road accident claims experts can help you with a range of different types of road traffic claims. From less serious whiplash claims to more serious car accidents we have a history for ensuring our clients get the right compensation.

If you feel you have the right to make a claim, contact Scot Accident Claims for a complimentary phone consultation and we can assist you on the path to receiving settlement today.