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EO Indicator Label

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KMNPack EO Indication label

Also named sterilization indicator,autoclave indicator,sterilization labels,indicator label
【Structure and Property】This product is made of imported paper as the base material, coated with color-changing ink as the sterilization indicator, and coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive re-release paper on the back.It is specially used for pasting on the package which are sterilized,in order to indicate whether the package has been sterilized by ethylene oxide.In case of mixing with the unsterilized package, the color will not fade easily after sterilization.
【Application】This product is suitable for ethylene oxide sterilization. It is used to indicate whether the sterilization package has been processed by ethylene oxide sterilization process. It is also used for EO sterilization indicator monitoring and determination.
【Usage】EO indicator chemical indicator label is removed from the lining paper and pasted on the sterilized item package or directly on the sterilized item.In ethylene oxide sterilization room, after the concentration of ethylene oxide sterilization to 600±50ml/l, temperature 48℃ ~52℃ ;Under the condition of 65%~80% humidity, after more than 3 hours sterilization, the label changes from red to blue, indicating that the object has been sterilized.
【Cautions】EO indicator labels only indicate whether the sterilized item has been sterilized by ethylene oxide, and do not reflect the degree and effect of sterilization of the sterilized item.

【Guarantee Period】24 months from the date of production.