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Dr Downing Music

66 Eastleigh Rd, Heald Green, Cheadle SK8 3EJ, UK
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Due to the astronomical growth of the Internet, the volume of “free” poor advice and bad teaching methods has exploded. As victims ourselves of poor teaching methods and useless advice, we started writing our books in 1995. Our sole aim is to help all musicians to get the MOST out of their music making and Music Teaching Resources.

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Music Teaching Resources How to Play the Clarinet Clarinet for Beginners Clarinet Embouchure Tips Clarinet Technique Doctor Clarinettist’s First Aid Doctor Guide to Play Brass Instruments Clarinet Fingering Chart Clarinet Reeds for Sale Trombone for Beginners Violin Technique Doctor Basson Reeds for Sale Saxophone Beginner Guide Flute Technique Recorder Fingering Chart Piano for Beginners Guide Music Practice Diary

66 Eastleigh Road, Heald Green, Stockport, Cheshire, England, SK8 3EJ, UK
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