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Development Academy

8-12 New Bridge St, London EC4V 6AL, UK
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As part of Acuity Training we’ve been providing professional development training for 14 years. In early 2019 we decided that we needed our own ‘home’ and so we created a separate brand and website for our courses to allow us to focus more in this area. We’re still a small team focused on generating lasting change in people.We’ve done a good job when your performance is noticeably better on your return to work. To generate this sort of lasting change we have designed our courses around three key beliefs: 1. Practical Skills Require Practical Training Our courses get you practising what you’re being taught from the first session. That way you are confident using what you have learned from the moment that you leave us. 2. Serious Learning Should Be Seriously Fun If you’re not having fun you’re not fully engaged. If you’re not fully engaged we’re not doing our job properly. Our courses make development fun as that’s the best and fastest way to learn and make a lasting change. 3. We’re All Different We all have our own unique experiences and perspectives. This means we all need an approach tailored to who we are. Our workshops start by looking at where you are currently so that we can tailor our approach and learning. We believe that the way one person uses the techniques we teach should be completely different to the way another person will.

Fleet House, 8 - 12 New Bridge St,
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