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Chemical Plasma Sterilization Indicator Tape

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KMNPack chemical&autoclave steam indicator tapes are the ideal and safe solution for closing all wrapping materials. They are constructed from pressure semi-crepe paper which on one side is the adhesive glue and the other side is indicator strip are printed. The process indicator ink shows an easy and accurate color change and indicates if the pack has been processed.
KMNPack chemical plasma indicator tapes
Also known as sterilization indicator, sterilization indicator tape
【Product Description】 This plasma indicator tape is used for the indication of the low temperature plasma sterilization process. It is quick and intuitive to reflect whether the item is qualified. After use, it can be used as a record to save. Scope of application: For indication of low temperature plasma sterilization process.
1. Place the plasma indicator tape in the bag or wrapper with the object.
2. Try to avoid the device completely covering the tape.
3. After the end, observe that the indicator tape is reached or is lighter than the standard color.
1. Keep away from acids, alkalis and environments where oxidizing substances are present.
2. Keep away from heat sources and light sources; store below 25 degrees.
3. Valid for 18 months.

Product material:

The product is made of medical textured paper. The special thermosensitive chemical dyes and color developing agents and their auxiliary materials are made into ink, coated with diagonal stripes or ^ shape as indicator, and the reverse surface is coated with pressure sensitive adhesive.

Sterilization method: suitable for low temperature plasma

How to use:

Take the plasma tape between the devices, wrap it in gauze, and then place it at a low temperature of 45 °C ~ 55 °C for 25 minutes. The indicator mark of the plasma chemical indicator tape changes from grass green to beige or yellow. It has been sterilized.

Scope of application: Widely used in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, food, health products, beverages and other industries. This product is specially designed to be attached to the package (or container), used to fix the package and indicate whether the package (or container) has been sterilized.

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