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Furniture For Siding

April 22, 2012 Furniture

Timbermill Siding was also able to elevate the standard melting temperatures above anything that had ever been done to date within the industry. There was the added challenge of procuring the right material to fight UV fading and the effects of extreme weathering. With the development of Timbermill Siding came the innovation for applying the graphics on siding and the development of CP Class Siding. CP Class Siding is a Polymer that combines temperature resistance above 190 degrees Fahrenheit along with a UV fading protection system. Timbermill Siding is the answer to outdoor enthusiast need for more protection, less maintenance alternative to real wood or Log siding. With the demand of creative and industrious customers, uses have expanded to include hunting cabins, lodges, dog houses, fencing and even children’s play houses!
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