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Food and Drink in a Disaster

April 22, 2012 Business Services

As part of any emergency preparedness plan, it is always a good idea to have a supply of food and water. Water and food are hard to find when people are panicking. There is often nowhere to find food or water only days after the panic sets in.
Always consider the food storage guidelines when storing your food. In the worst times, stored food and water could be your only hope. Humans can fight off starvation for 3 weeks. Sarvation is precluded by something that can be just as dangerous, lack of energy. The energy lost from food can be noticed quickly.
Without energy you are prey to thieves. Always use food storage containers to store grain and other food supplies.
We can only go 3 days without water on average, so its importance is even greater than food. Bottled water cases are great because of their packaging and longevity. People use many gallons of water a day multiple purposes. Keep enough water for everyone in your family! Food storage shelves are also a great way to store food and water for an emergency! Rainwater is an abundant source in some areas that can be used if needed. Rainwater can be contaminated so use it carefully.
Make sure to keep you emergency preparations a secret! In a survival situation they might try to take it from you if they know about it. Food and water can make you rich when they are in high demand. When you trade, food and water are king and will demand high value items in return.
Survival depends on preparation. Preparation can mean safety when things go wrong. Dont forget that!

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