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Dealing With Adversity - An Important Leadership Skill

April 22, 2012 Business Services

Are you a successful business owner or manager? If yes, the way you handle tough situations will show the world your capabilities as a leader. There are lots of bad situations that can come up and challenge you in your role as manager or businessperson. These problems can be internal – such as with assistants or staff – or external forces. You can learn and grow from these bad events when they occur if you just stay strong. Our focus in this article is to teach you how to harness the benefits of an unfavorable situation, with your personal business or at work, so you will be prepared down the road.

First off, you should accept that the challenges that directly affect you or your organization are yours and you are responsible for the solution. When you’ve got a habit of needing to place the blame for a bad situation on another person, or something, then you will not be able to discover a viable solution. We’re not telling you to conceal from other people how they are responsible, of course. You, however, are the leader and it’s up to you to look for a way to solve the situation and get beyond it. Maybe the employee who set the problem in motion just needs more adequate training so he or she doesn’t repeat the same mistake. Or maybe, your procedures manual needs updated. If you focus on solutions instead of problems you have a much better chance of overcoming any problems you encounter.

Nonetheless, you may be faced with unfavorable situations over which you haven’t any control. The marketplace can move, new technology could make your product or procedures outdated, or economic conditions could put a damper on consumer spending. In this kind of situation, you may be called upon to make a number of difficult decisions, and it will be necessary for you to be of strong character. Let the less strong leaders bury their heads in the sand. You have to tackle this new environment head-on so you, and your company, will survive. The more quickly you take action to tackle a challenge the far more likely you are to move forward and adjust to changes. How flexible you are in understanding the new market conditions, and how it impacts your business, and the best approach you can take to align yourself with the changes, will determine how well your company will be able to address the new challenge.

See whatever you are facing head on as a challenge, an opportunity to learn something important that will hold you in good stead in the future. Do not spend precious time letting what went wrong, or changed, play again and again in your head. If you let yourself get all stressed when an unfavorable condition comes up, you will hinder your ability to think clearly through the situation realistically and efficiently determine what you and your organization have to do to work through it. So it’s imperative, as a leader, that you study techniques that enable you to deal with high stress situations as this can have a huge effect on your health as well as your ability to create clear strategies to get beyond a difficult situation. I’m sure you’ve seen examples where a business leader, or a star athlete, has been up against extreme challenges in their life only to come out a much strong leader as a result. This is the goal you ought to strive for in your life. Furthermore, if you are strong in these situations, it will help those that look to you for leadership to also remain calm.

In business and in managerial positions, you will always meet with adversity from time to time. If you develop the skills and mindset to rise above these bad situations that appear every once in awhile, you will almost surely guarantee your future success.

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