Alawia - Lebanese Restaurant in Harrow Road, Lebanese Catering in Edgware Road, Lebanese Food in Paddington

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Alawia is best Lebanese Restaurant based on Harrow Road near Westbourne Park station, Edgware Road and Paddington. We offer Lebanese catering services for parties and special occasions. We offer best Lebanese food that you can enjoy with your family and friends. We also offer free home delivery of foods and minimum order should £15. There are lot of Lebanese Restaurants in Harrow Road and Edgware road but we have unique food menu and excellent service for our customers. We are more than 8 year old Lebanese Restaurant that offer quality food and catering service for all your parties and special occasions. 1000s of our customers visit us on regular basis from Edgware road, Harrow road, Paddington and rest of the London.

Contact Us: 415 Harrow Road, London W9 3QJ 020 8969 3144

Nearest Station Westbourne Park

Opening Time: Monday to Sunday

7 am to 11 pm

Cold Starters
فول مدمس 1_ Foul Medames v £3.00
Boiled broad beans served with lemon juice, olive oli & garlic
حمص 2_ Hummous v £3.00
Pureed chick peas with sesame paste & lemon juice
متبل 3_ Moutabel v £3.00
Grilled aubergine with sesame paste & lemon juice
تبوله 4_ Tabouleh v £3.00
Parsley salad, tomatoes, onions, mint, crushed wheat, lemon juice & olive oil
ورق عنب 5_ Warak Inab v £3.00
Vine leaves stuffed with rice, herbs & spices
مسقعه باذنجان 6_ Moussakaat v £3.00
Fried aubergine with chick peas, onions , tomatoes & coriander
كبيس مشكل 7_ Kabees v £3.00
Selection of Lebanese pickles
لوبيه بالزيت 8_ Loubieh Bil Zait v £3.00
French beans cooked in olive oil, tomatoes, onions & garlic
باميه بالزيت 9_ Bamia Bil Zait v £3.00
Fried okra in olive oil with garlic, tomatoes & coriander
لبنه 10_ Labneh v £2.50
Lebanese cream cheese
سلطه الراهب 11_ Salatate Al Rahib v £3.00
Smoked aubergine, green peppers, tomatoes, spring onion & garlic
Hot Starters
حمص شورما 12_ Hummous Shawarma £4.00
Hummous topped with shawarma
بطاطا حره 13_ Batata Harra v £3.00
Potatoes cooked with olive oil, garlic, red peppers, spices & green chilli
جوانح مشوي 14_ Jawaneh Meshwiyeh £3.00
Grilled chicken wings in garlic sauce
كبه مقليه 15_ Kibbeh Maklieh £3.00
Ground lamb with crushed wheat, stuffed with minced lamb, onions & pine nuts (deep fried)
فطايربالسبانخ 16_ Fatayer Spinach £3.00
pastry stuffed With spinach, Onions, Lemon juice & Spices
جبنة حلومي( كلاج ) 17_ Halloumi cheese v £3.50
Halloumi cheese baked on Lebanese,bread
سمبوسك 18_ Sambousek £2.50
Pastry stuffed with cheese and parsley, onions & pine nuts (Cheese) v
فلافل 19_ Falafel (deep fried) £3.00
Mixture of ground chick peas, broad beans, & spices
مقانق غنم 20_ Makanek Ghanam £3.00
Fried Lebanese cocktail lamb sausages
سوده دجاج 21_ Sawda Dajaj £3.00
Fried chicken liver in lemon juice & spices
سجق 22_ Sojuk £3.00
Fried Armenian beef sausages, hot & spices
مجدره 23_ Moujaddara v £3.00
Lentil, rice & onions cooked in olive oil
سلطه لبنانيه 24_ Lebanese Salad v £3.00
Lettuce, tomatoes, parsley & dressing
لبن مع خيار 25_ Cucumber & Yoghurt v £2.50
سلطه عربيه 26_ Arabic Salad v £3.00
Tomato, onion with hot spices & dressing
فتوش 27_ Fattoush v £2.50
Mixed salad with herbs, toasted Lebanese bread, a touch of garlic & vinegar
برغر 28_ ¼ Beef Burger £2.00
برغر مع جبنة 29_ ¼ Beef Burger (with cheese) £2.50
برغر مع جبنة 30_ ½ Beef Burger (with cheese ) £2.70
Main Courses
دجاج بالكاري 31_ Chicken Curry £5.50
Mildly spiced chicken cubes cooked in a creamy curry sauce served with rice
لحم غنم بالكاري 32_ Lamb Curry £5.50
Lamb cooked with Creamy curry, sauce served with rice
الصحن اليومي 33_ Dish of the day £5.50
اسكالوب دجاج 34_ Chicken Escalope £5.00
Chicken Breast marinated served with rice
Manakish Lebanese Pizza
مناقيش بالجبنه 35_ Cheese v £1.25
مناقيش بالزعتر 36_ Thyme ( zaatar ) v £1.00
لحم بالعجين 37_ Minced Meat £1.25
كشك 38_ Kishik v £1.25
بندورة وبصل 39_ Onion and tomato v £1.25
Charcoal Grill
شيش طاووق 40_ Shish Taouk £5.50
Boneless chicken marinated in garlic, lemon juice & olive oil grilled on skewers
لحمي مشويه 41_ Lahem Meshwi £5.50
Tender lamb cubes with tomatoes, & onions grilled on skewers
كفته حلبيه 42_ Kafta Halabiyeh £5.50
Minced lamb, onions & parsley, grilled on skewers
مشاوي مشكله 43_ Mixed Grill £6.50
Lamb cubes, minced lamb, chicken cubes served with onions & tomatoes
فروج مسحب 44_ Farruj Mussahab £6.00
Boneless charcoal grilled baby chicken,served with garlic sauce
فروج مشوي 45_ Farruj Meshwi £5.00
Spit roasted baby chicken served with garlic sauce
شوارما غنم او دجاج 46_ Shawarma Dish £5.00
Slices of lamb/chicken marinated in vinegar, spices, onions grilled on up-right spit
كستليته غنم مع 47_ Lamb Cutlets £6.00
الخضار والبطا طا Grilled lamb cutlets served with vegetables & chips